1. General Rules       
1.1 Drivers must have a stable internet connection. Virtual Endurance Championship (hereafter VEC) is not responsible for drivers who are not able to sustain a connection to the server.
     1.1.1 Drivers must maintain a maximum ping of 150 (as viewed on the race server). Drivers that are above 150 will be asked to leave the server. (check your ping here: www.pingtest.net (select Dusseldorf as this is as close to the race server as pingtest will allow).
     1.1.2 WIFI and GSM/3G/4G connections is prohibited as its known to cause extremly high ping and lag – dont use it.
1.2 Patches and Plug-ins are allowed as long as they do not affect the functions of the simulation, create an unfair advantage, or affect other drivers.
 Participation, if a team knows they will not be able to participate for an extended period, the teams manager must notify the leadership via PM or through the forums.
1.4 If a team is not active and miss a race, the entry will be removed, and replaced by another team, however exceptions can be made by contacting administration.
1.5 Drivers must use their full name to participate. Drivers must use their full name in rFactor – any driver failing to do so will forfeit all points for that car and will not be allowed to participate in following events until the issue has been corrected.
1.6 Race sessions will start between 17 and 18 CET/CEST (same as Copenhagen). Unless posted otherwise in the forum, this usually is different from any 24 hour race.
     1.6.1 If there is any timezone changes such as daylight saving time, VEC will base start time on CET (Copenhagen).
     1.6.2 If there is any exceptions to the start time, the race thread will contain a schedule. This will usually be the case of a 24 hour race.
1.7 Each car is allowed 2-5 main drivers (+1 reserve driver). No more – no less.
     1.7.1 Only main drivers can start the car, new drivers are not allowed, unless permission is given by stewards.
     1.7.2 Reserve drivers are expected to follow 11.5.1 (minimum 50 laps has to be recorded on Race FLT)
     1.7.3 A maximum of 6 changes in lineup will be allowed during a season pr. entry.
     1.7.4 Each team is allowed a registered reserve driver, which may not be registered to any other team or car.
     1.7.5 Deadline for line up changes for the events is 48 hours ahead of the qualifying session (thursday 17:00 CET). Unless permission is given by the race director, a driver which is not registered for the car will not be allowed to race.
1.8 This is a team event. Each car will have to do at least 1 driverswap during a race.
     1.8.1 Using rF2´s driverswap feature is mandetory.
     1.8.2 Racing at the same computer is not allowed.
     1.8.3 A driver must not drive more than 70% of the total laps a team completes in a race
1.9 Once a driver drives a car in a race, they are not allowed to drive any other car (or classes) for the duration of that race.
1.10 Exemptions to any rule, will be posted in the current race thread, and only be an excemption for that race
1.11 The admins reserve the rights to change the rules
1.12 The admins reserve the rights to change the mod

2. Car identification, livery and carmake 

2.1 VEC will provide teams with a correct numberplate as part of the template
     2.1.1. Your team are NOT allowed to move the numberplate
2.1.2. The font on numberplates are Ubuntu, the font may not be changed.
2.2 New skins will be accepted for use as follows:
     2.2.1 Before the skin submission deadline.
     2.2.2 In rare occasions we can open skin submission, we do not update the mod for each race.
2.3 Class colors:
     2.3.1 P2=Blue (#21488c)
     2.3.2 P3=Purple(#b500ca)
     2.3.3 GTE=Green (#009639)
2.4 Class stickers (provided on car templates)
     2.4.1 Prototype: The 3 category stickers must not be removed
GT cars: the 4 category stickers must not be removed
2.5 Teams will not be allowed to change carmake during the season.
     2.5.1 On rare occasions such as new cars being added to the specific class we will allow some teams to move to another car
2.6 Approved Liveries: Profanity, nudity, or anything VEC stewards deem as offensive is not allowed.
2.7 Teams will be required to provide an approved skin, failure to supply such – will mean the entry will not be allowed to race.

3. Qualifying