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We started with innovation and passion

[idz_paragraph class=”lead”]Back in 2008 the VEC name was not born yet. CMS and VOR merged their 2 endurance series into one – calling it ERL (Endurance Racing League). Back then we used rFactor (1) and our own version of the ILMS mod, which then became VLMS mod. We used rFactor (1) up to (and including) Season 5.

A small break, let us into a shoter Season 6, which were the first in rFactor 2, a short and relativly small season let us into switching to URD´s PX and EGT mod for Season 7.

Season 7 had 63 teams signed up, where we used PreQ to determine grid.

Season 8 was the first season we used multiple servers, merging standings into one championship – 89 teams. We still were using the URD mod, with our own changes.
We now was known as the official rFactor 2 endurance league.

URD mod was slighty updated – Season 9 yet again saw over 80 teams sign up, where we split teams into divisions with their very own championship.

Final season with URD mod – season 10 set yet another record in sign ups, with more than 120 teams. We had to split teams into 3 divisions, we were now sure we had the right formula.

Season 11 – now was a time for a switch. With rFactor 2 releasing their Endurance Pack, we followed and this is what is being used for S11. With more than 140 teams in 3 classes signing up – we were now having 4 divisions!

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